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3D Cybersecurity Data Visualization

Ingalls Information Security was awarded U.S. patent # 10965561 for Viewpoint™ software on March 30, 2021. Viewpoint™ is a network security monitoring and correlation system that provides a three-dimensional (3D) visualization of network traffic overlaid with security alerts and other relevant discrete data. This innovative software gives security professionals the ability to see and interact with data spatially, eliminating the need to scroll through massive spreadsheets of technical data. This quantum leap forward in cybersecurity data visualization provides capabilities that have never existed before.

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There’s a big problem in cybersecurity: there is too much data and not enough people to analyze it. Current cybersecurity tools all present information the same way - as a spreadsheet with rows and rows of information that must be individually read, considered, and added to the analyst’s mental model of what is being investigated.

“It’s like trying to watch a baseball game through a drinking straw. You never see the whole picture” Jason Ingalls, Chief Executive Officer, explains, “That’s why we built Viewpoint™, to visualize every actor and every event in the cyberspace that we have data for, so we can understand what’s going on and take action a lot faster. We can literally walk through a network node-by-node to trace an event all the way back to its source.”

Viewpoint™ is a revolutionary, virtual technology that:

  • allows for the instant visualization of massive amounts of cybersecurity data
  • provides the ability to gain meaningful context about threats and anomalies to investigate
  • provides actionable insights that directly support decision making
  • serves as a training platform to learn cybersecurity analytics, presenting a standard data model that everyone from trainees to decision makers can see and understand

By adding an intuitive element designed for the way the human brain works, Viewpoint™ lets security professionals gain rapid situational awareness that’s not possible in other data presentation systems. All available data layers are displayed simultaneously in the same 3D space.

Viewpoint™ was designed for Mission Defense Teams, Cyber Protection Teams (CPTs), Incident Responders (IR), Security Operations Centers (SOC), and those in Virtual and Augmented Reality Cyber Support (VR/AR) who must be able to quickly identify attacks through timely analysis of data in order to effectively protect our nation’s most critical infrastructure.

How Does it Work?

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