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Managed Detection and Response

Layered cybersecurity controls for effective risk management and rapid response

Our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service was built from the ground up to prevent and respond to cybersecurity incidents. Unlike a traditional Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), or other providers who claim to offer MDR, our service is geared toward proactive prevention and response to threats. We do this by integrating a world-class stack of advanced technology with a proven process that is followed diligently by a team of cybersecurity experts who work around the clock to prevent, detect, and respond to threats.

Continuous Network Security Monitoring

  • Detect and respond to threats before they become breaches
  • Monitor, identify and notify about suspicious behavior
  • Signature-based and heuristic threat detection
  • Machine Learning for detection of anomalous activity
  • Monitoring and discovery of all egress and ingress network flow data
  • Leverage up-to-date threat intelligence with event data
  • Continuous curation and meaningful notification
  • Provide actionable alerting with context and remediation information
  • Comprehensive reporting

Incident Response and Breach Remediation

  • Analyze security incidents, event correlation and stop data exfiltration
  • Provide complete visibility through forensic examination and analysis
  • Begin remediation and speed up recovery time
  • Integrity and preservation of forensic evidence and presentation of a “chain of custody”
  • Provide executive reporting and expert court representation
  • Resume business operations quickly
  • Incident Response guidance and planning

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